woman with brown baby carrier and little kid in white jacket

Conscious Parenting

“Only to the degree we are willing to transform our own emotional present do we succeed in positively influencing our children’s future.” – Dr Shefali

Conscious parenting is a revolutionary way of parenting that is challenging the traditional parenting paradigm. Traditionally parenting has been extremely hierarchical, and parents feel it is their job to fix the child. Whereas conscious parenting focuses on fully engaging with children as individuals, to foster authentic connection. The parents engage and connect with their children using emotionally intelligent, non-punitive methods.

Conscious parenting is not about raising a perfect child or fixing your child, but it is about parents raising their own consciousness, an opportunity for growth and uncovering their own inner landscape to understand themselves better. As the parents grow with their children through conscious living, together they can create a very pleasant and joyful experience.

The dictionary definition of consciousness is “the state of being aware and responsive to one’s surroundings.”

Consciousness is about the energy that the parents bring into their relationship with their children. This energy is cultivated in their own childhood, and they impose it on their children unconsciously.

Dr. Gabor Mate a renowned physician and speaker who has written extensively about conscious parenting, believes that many of the emotional and behavioural problems that children experience are the result of a lack of emotional connection with their parents. Mate emphasizes the importance of building a secure attachment bond between parent and child, which is essential for healthy emotional development. He also advocates for parents to understand their own emotional needs and triggers, as these can impact their ability to be present and attuned to their child’s needs.

Dr. Shefali is a clinical psychologist and author who espouses the principles of conscious parenting. She believes that the traditional model of parenting, which emphasizes control and obedience, is outdated and ineffective. Instead, she encourages parents to focus on developing a strong relationship with their child built on mutual respect and understanding. Dr. Shefali emphasizes the importance of mindfulness in parenting, as it allows parents to be fully present in the moment and respond to their child’s needs in a calm and compassionate way.

Dr. Nicole LePera, also known as The Holistic Psychologist, is a licensed psychologist and author who integrates holistic and spiritual practices into her work. She advocates for parents to prioritize their own self-care and emotional healing, as this can positively impact their ability to parent with consciousness and intention. Dr. LePera also emphasizes the importance of understanding the role of generational trauma and patterns in parenting and encourages parents to break these patterns through self-reflection and conscious awareness.

Overall, conscious parenting involves a shift away from traditional, authoritarian models of parenting and towards a more collaborative, empathetic, and mindful approach. It is an approach that prioritizes the emotional and psychological well-being of both the parent and the child and emphasizes the importance of building a strong, loving relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Through self-awareness, emotional regulation, and empathetic communication, conscious parenting seeks to create a nurturing and supportive environment in which children can thrive and grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults.