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As a conscious parenting coach, I'm dedicated to helping parents connect with their children in a deeper, more meaningful way. I offer a range of appointment types to meet your individual needs.

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Doctor Shefali
With my mentor, Dr. Shefali
A Certified Conscious Parenting coach, Life Coach (ACTP) and NLP Practitioner

What Clients Are Saying

Poonam and I crossed paths when there was so much happening in my life and my outlook on life wasn’t the best. I was surrounding by my negative thoughts and worries. She helped me gain a more positive outlook on myself and all the situations in my life. She asked me very confronting questions and provided me with tools and exercises to help me though the process of healing myself. I am still on my healing journey and just because of Poonam I have come so far and still use her techniques to manage my anxieties and negative thoughts. She went above and beyond to send me positive messages and motivational videos which made me feel loved and cared for. I am truly grateful that I met Poonam when I did in life and she was truly an blessing.


I had the privilege of working with Poonam, a remarkable parenting coach. Her guidance and support have transformed my approach to parenting. Poonam's vast knowledge and compassionate nature created a nurturing environment for growth and learning. Her insightful advice and practical strategies empowered me to become a more confident and understanding parent. Poonam's dedication and genuine care for families are truly commendable. I am forever grateful for her invaluable impact on my parenting journey.


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I was first introduced to Poonam in 2020 and have not forgotten her since. My journey with Poonam began with her acting as my mentor in navigating the interpersonal and childhood-based conflicts that arose in life. From the very beginning, Poonam approached my situation with an open heart and mind. Her warm and kind demeanour instantly won me over and I found myself opening up about my past with an unexpected ease.


Poonam has been an amazing coach to me. I don’t think anybody else could have done a better job. At every step I felt the trust factor increasing. She probed me to think deeper and dwell into finding the root cause. At the end of each session I always felt like I had already achieved what I had wanted. She helped me to find the best solutions to my problems. During this exploration journey with her I learned new things about myself. I can see a drastic change in me. This new learning helped me to get solutions to issues in other areas of my life. I am happier and more confident now. It was a privilege to have her as my coach.